Know More About The Symptoms of Herpes

Herpes is a disease caused by a virus infection and you have to know that based from several existing types of herpes, herpes Zoster and herpes Simplex (type 1 and type 2) are the two types of herpes which are very famous. On this occasion, let us recognize the symptoms of herpes deeper.
Symptoms of Herpes Zoster

The herpes Zoster caused by the Varicella Zoster, for some people this virus infection is looks like the chicken pox disease, but in fact, this is the another type of herpes. These viruses usually hide when someone is exposed to chicken pox. What is the symptoms of herpes? let's see together. Herpes Zoster attacking half of the body, but does not spread. Much like other herpes symptoms, herpes Zoster shaped like a bubble and containing water, and yes it's certainly feel pain.

Symptoms of herpes simplex 1 , herpes simplex 2

The Herpes simplex 1 infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, these herpes type usually attacks the upper part of the human-like lips, eyes and even around the neck. The symptoms such as eye pain, red eyes, shaped bubbles containing water and very painful, sometimes as a burning sensation.

The second type of herpes is herpes simplex 2 , these herpes type attacks the lower part of man, the genital area. Herpes simplex 2 is often also referred to as genital herpes. As with other types of herpes, genital herpes can also showing the symptoms such as itching and burning sensation, the presence of small wounds on the genitals or around the area and sometimes painful. Watch this video in details.

Herpes Symptoms Video : More about Herpes and The Symptoms via Youtube